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established 1984

Great Grandma Amanda O’Donnell with “Daisy” her pet Jersey. This picture was taken around 1935.

Jersey’s have played a part in the O’Donnell family for well over a half a century.

Grandma Mueller at age 78 milking my first Jersey. She taught me how to milk and I inherited my love for the Jersey cow from my Grandma’s!

Grandma died in 1993 at the age of 97. She never lost her interest in the Little Jersey cow.
” Gone but never forgotten”

Welcome to Dexter Corner.

Located in South Central Illinois.

I am Tim O’Donnell, I have owned Jersey cattle since purchasing my first cow in August 1974. For years I raised and have shown standard-size Jerseys. My love for the Jersey cow was inherited from my Grandma as a young boy. Now, 45 years later, I still have the same affection for this unique breed. In 1993, I was introduced to the miniature Jersey breed. I instantly fell for these unique and personable little creatures.

Over a 2-year period I traveled through 11 different states over 10,000 miles searching for and acquiring as much information possible regarding this small breed of cattle. In those days there were no web sites. Not even the internet. In my travels I was able to purchase several head of little Jerseys from 4 different breeders. With the purchase of these cows and a bull thus started the Dexter Corner breeding program.

Tim in 1974 milking his first cow, “Abby”.

Tim still milking Little Jerseys .
Now in his 47th year.

I have been dedicated to the promotion and protection of this breed for over 26 yrs now. Some of the people interested in this breed of small cattle are: The small acreage farmer, back to nature type people wanting a family cow for milk, for cheese, butter, ice cream, cottage cheese and meat. They are also ideal for the petting zoos, Hobby farms. Still today, the demand is much greater than the supply.

My breeding program is about breeding the best small Dairy type cow possible. With good feet and legs and a well attached udder.

I { DO NOT } breed my cattle to see how small of an animal I can produce. Nor do I breed for A2/A2.

I have learned over the years that a cow that is approx 42″ to 44″ tall or more is much more desirable for milking . They also have less calving problems at 2 years of age.

The “God Father” Tim and his first Jersey cow Abby – August 1974

Rosemary    “1974”
Sept 7 1954
May 1 2016
R.I.P. You are missed~!

Dexter Corner Cattle are registered with the

years of experience

Some of my accomplishments thus far include:

Learn a little...

We aim to help all those who own or have the desire to own Mini and Mid-size Jersey Cattle. Visit our Resources page for FAQs, Videos, and more. Join our Facebook page to share pics, stories and learn from each other.

is not Expensive.

~ It’s Priceless ~

Tim & DC Pancake June 4 / 2019

Editors Note

In regards to the Title of  “The God Father”

It is not a title that I gave  myself.  It was given to me by other Breeders and others interested in this Unique breed of Bovines. For my continued dedication, preservation and willingness to help others learn and perhaps acquire their own Small Family Jersey.

I do give credit to those breeders that came before me. I refer to them as the “For Fathers” of the breed.

I am humbled for this recognition and will continue to try to live up to it in the future.  

My Opinions Regarding the Politics of the Mini Jersey Breed.

IMO there is No Reason to double or triple register an animal.

If good records are kept. That is what matters.

I see no reason to DNA every animal just to qualify it for a Registry.

(In some cases DNA is helpful ) But not necessary for all.

As for the A2 genetics. I still believe it is an unproven marketing plan.

I will not change my Breeding program to support it.

I have been breeding small Jerseys for a long time now.

I take offence to those who are (Newbies) that now have all the answers and because it is on their web site . It has to be Gospel… Well according to them any way. Don’t be mislead by a fancy web design. Means nothing. I know from experience.

IMO there is no such thing as a Mid size mini Jersey.

There are Mini’s Mid size & Standard Jerseys out there.
Some use the name “Mini” in order to attract {Newbies} to purchase their mid size or Standard cattle.

Some of the Great Mini Jersey Bulls of the Past

Meadow Beauty's "Lil Dream"


42″ at 8 years of age

Sire DC Billy Jack
Dam Meadow Beauty’s Daisy

$50 / unit

DC Prince JB Royal T


44″ at 7 Years

Sire DC GJ Johnny Bob
Dam DC Princess Grace Ann

Royal is A1/A1
Negative for BD1/BD2 gene

DC Rambler


Born July 24 2108

Sired by Bo Butterworth
Dam Barnyard Mini Story

39″ at 2 1/2 years

Mini Jersey Cows

DC Fanciful Shower now residing in Alabama

DC Fanciful Shower


42″ at 8 yrs
Now residing in Alabama

DC Ruby Falls

DC C Ruby Falls


40″at 3 yrs
Now residing in New Hampshire

Misty Morning Violet aka "Virginia"

Misty Morning Violet aka “Virginia”


4yrs old 41″
Currently residing on The Corner

DC Dolly Madison

DC Dolly Madison


41″at 3 yrs
Now residing in South Dakota

DC Pancake August 2020

DC Pancake


37″ at  18 months 
Currently residing on The Corner

Kings Acres Belle AKA "Piglette" June 2020

Kings Acres Belle aka “Piglette”


34″ at 1 yr
Currently residing on The Corner

Down Sizing Program

Please Contact me if interested in the Down sizing Program~!
Designed so that all can afford a Small Family milk cow~!

The Down sizing program is when you take a smaller framed Standard size Jersey cow, breed her to a Mini Jersey either by A.I. or live coverage and down size the offspring.

Usually in a couple breedings you will have a real nice small framed family milk cow.
It does work. I have been helping interested breeders with this program for the past 15 years, Call me for more details.